Why do we produce this event and why should you participate FAQ

event production team, Heartsinspyre Entertainment

  The #SeattleFLOWcase is an annual event showcasing Seattle's up & coming FLOW arts performing artists & circus style prop manipulators to build awareness of the genre as not just for play but as a viable art form requiring advanced skill, training, focus, and talent that is able to hold it's own stage instead of being bonus back up to DJ's as the only artists credited w/a name appearing at a raves. We want to break out of the boxed in association with go go dancers and led glovers who are no name supplemental eye candy hired for looks like promo models or are in their own little world, which is perfectly okay btw, however there is some elite skilled artists out there who deserve recognition and to claim their own fame!

  If you are a flow artist then you know some celebrity names because you've watched their youtube tutorials or seen them perform at PFG, Burning Man Conclave, FlowFests, or Fire Drums and the like.. but if you haven't caught the FLOW bug personally or aren't friends with one in the frenzy then you only have been exposed to a small amount of professional fire dancers and perhaps encountered a juggler as either a street performer or flashy Vegas magic type act. Unfortunately in America street performers are seen akin to homeless bums more than professional artists and glow stick spinners are assumed to be high on drugs. Meanwhile you and I know that these stereotypes couldn't be further from the truth. We have seen FLOW artists who absolutely captivated our attention taking our breath away with their fluidity even without swords or fire or sequined vests and the jazz handed end pose (ta-dah!). 

  But what none in the community realize, due to that unfortunate problem of perspective and the tendency towards tunnel vision, is that no one outside of us has ever seen nor heard of "flow arts" before. There isn't a high demand for it to support even a small percentage of part time professional flow artists because as of right now there isn't even an audience of "maybe interested" in watching it. Certainly not a core group of fans who would want to hire you to share with all their friends! This is what this event is aiming to change and also why if you ever want to demand to be paid for performing flow arts you should consider it your duty to volunteer. Exposure IS required of a negative in order to have prints. If you think the promoter is trying to make a whole bunch of money off of you, then you couldn't be more wrong!! If I wanted to make money, I'd get a job instead of scraping pennies together to pay for posters and working 40 hour weeks on THIS instead of something actually beneficial to myself like a job. THIS event comes by way of a lot of sacrifice and hardship to be honest. I've considered not doing and making money instead every single day because it's overwhelming and I don't even have the money for a $20 ad campaign so I feel afraid, very afraid. You are welcome to contribute to its success and share in anything left over after it breaks even IF it does. I am wide open for anyone to be involved in as much or as little as they want! Just do it ~ or don't talk about what isn't your business otherwise because the invite is in your pocket. It is whatever you want to make of it and I do this only out of love! Anyone is welcome to step up to the plate and take it off my hands even... 

  I could never own such a thing, but I am a damn fine instigator. ;) Namaste.

~ Asraiya On Fire

Heartsinspyre Entertainment

Created by The annual Seattle FLOW Showcase